With many lighting columns in the UK coming to the end of their predicted lifespans, it has never been more important to have a sound knowledge of your existing assets. We offer a mini-test or a full test, both of which will give you valuable insight into the conditions of your assets.

The mini-test offers the following;
  • Visual inspection, which is to be carried out internally and externally, where accessible. This is to check for any signs of corrosion, impact damage, holes, to see if the column is leaning and any other noticeable defects.
  • Column data and attributes, including; the material type of the column, is the column full of water at the base or is it well-drained? External influences and conditions, does the column have existing attachments? Is there any protective treatment present?
  • Corrosion detection through the Eddy Current Test, can reveal faults at ground level which are difficult to monitor without excavation.
  • A full suite of photographs, including endoscope inspection internally when required.
  • Coating thickness.
The full test offers all of the above and the following;
  • Ultrasonic testing of thickness, in accordance with GN22.
  • Column measurements – door, shaft and base measurements which are then used during the reverse engineering stage.
  • Reverse engineering using design software, checking the column and any attachments in accordance with EN40
Testing can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.
  • Ultrasonic Sectional Thickness Analysis on Steel and Aluminium Columns.
  • GN22 Compliant.
  • HERS, HEA and G39 Accredited.