With our in-house 3D printing technology, we are able to rapidly produce one-off prototypes. We can produce these models in a variety of filaments, including ABS or PLA. PLA is a biodegradable material, made from natural resources such as corn starch.This prototyping method is highly effective in aiding in the visualisation of a product, in 3D, before committing to more time-consuming and expensive manufacturing processes.

  • One-off prototyping at a rapid pace.
  • A choice of ABS and PLA printing materials.
  • 3D visualisation of the product concepts.

3D Scanning

Using the latest in 3D scanning technology we can quickly replicate and convert complex real word forms into high fidelity 3D models.  This allows us to edit, improve and adapt designs through a completely new medium.

Since 3D scanning is so versatile there is virtually no limit to the shape or scale of the object.

  • Real time 3D visualization
  • High fidelity output file
  • Rapid results