Lisburn – Market Square

As part of the Lisburn City Centre Public Realm Scheme the local council asked us to manufacture and supply three bespoke feature lighting columns and several smaller, more generic columns to help transform market square into a modern public space.

Client: Lisburn City Council

Location: Lisburn Market Square

Product: Architectural Lighting Columns

Our Solution

The four main Columns were designed to celebrate the prosperous linen industry in Lisburn and represent fabric flowing through the machines of a local factory. Scribed into the bottom of these structures are key moments in the city’s history, including when it was founded in 1609. As well as the four main structures, we also produced several smaller tailored lighting columns with a base that symbolises a roll of fabric.

Using Corten steel to create parts of the columns created a great modern yet rustic appearance whilst also producing a protective layer when it comes into contact with water, ensuring a long life. Whilst powerful lighting evenly illuminates the square, smart LEDs flow with the columns shape. The colour of these LEDs can be controlled and changed to correspond with different times of year or public events.