Bournemouth Lighting Columns

When looking to expand on an existing park lighting scheme in Bournemouth, it was believed that it would be impossible to copy the century-old, ornate cast iron columns. The client said the original moulds no longer existed or were lost. However, due to the depth of experience and our adaptable manufacturing facilities at Fabrikat, we knew this was a solution we could comfortably offer. This enabled us to fulfil our client’s vision of retaining the look of the tradition park lamp posts whilst bringing them up-to-date with modern manufacturing techniques.

Using advanced 3D scanning we were able to capture a high degree of detail from the existing structure and faithfully recreate this using our in-house 3D modelling software. The next step was to rapid prototype and ultimately create a mould to cast multiple replica lighting columns all identical & to a fine tolerance.

To the untrained eye, it’s impossible to tell the difference from the original, so the general public will appreciate the uniform look to the park improvements. The paint was also accurately captured & replicated. The result, as seen in our photo gallery, is very impressive.