Raise and Lower

Mid Hinged (Small -Medium), Base Hinged (Small – Medium), Flange Hinged (Tall Structures)

Mid Hinged Raise and Lower Columns

Our Mid Hinged Columns are suitable for light duty applications typically in conjunction with post top luminaires. We can provide either a rope operated version which has a canopy that acts as a counterbalance and also a lever arm to assist lowering with a rope only.

  • Rope / Hand Operated.
  • Counterbalanced for variable loading.
  • Simple to operate.

Base Hinged Columns

Our Base Hinged version is operated by means of a removable winch system and has a self-contained and hidden hinge mechanism. Aesthetically, this means it looks very similar to a conventional tubular column and no unsightly protrusions. We can provide winches with various load capacities so that heavier lanterns and fittings can be attached to this type of column and which, therefore, our medium-duty solution. The winch is small and compact and can be easily carried from one column to the next. It has obvious advantages over our competitors Large and heavy tools.

  • Hand Winch Operated.
  • Medium – Heavy Duty.
  • Conventional Tubular Aesthetic.
  • Separate Flush Door Access without lowering.

Flange Hinged Columns

The Flange Hinged Columns are typically used when heavy loads and tall structures are required. We use a specifically rated screwjack tool to raise and lower the column in conjunction with a cordless power tool ensures a smooth and fast operation of the raising and lowering procedure.

  • Portable screwjack and power tool operation.
  • Heavy duty Loading and tall structures.
  • Smooth, fast & easy lowering operation.